Basic Refrigeration Trainer

  • The possibility of the experiment on temperature, pressure, automatic control and mechanical trouble
  • The possibility of experiment and theoretical education related to automatic control, refrigeration system and refrigerator accessories .
  • The experiment on cycle change of refrigeration equipment according to temperature and Mollier diagram drawing in P-I diagram drawing part.
  • Theoretical education of efficiency test and experiment while operating
  • Transparent accessories to observe refrigerant state or flow and principle of accessories
  • The sequence screen attached to the graphic module control department and power automatic control machine for experiment on temperature, pressure and automatic control and operation
  • The control department is made up of visual lamps seated system from machine department
  • ON-OFF control from the computer and automatic P-I diagram drawing with data (A optional accessory and the price)
  • Operating Control(ON,OFF) of monitoring and machine using data saving function and electric control board in the PC (A optional accessory and the price)


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