Digital Logic Circuit Design Trainer

In today’s environment CPLD (Complex Programmable Logic Devices) and FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Arrays) are the first-choice components for the design of applications in the communication, industrial automation, intelligent instrument, image processing and extensive engine control areas. To allow users to have an exceptional experimental platform, the CPLD Trainer has platforms based on Altera or XILINX chips. Through the CPLD01 Trainer, engineers are able to understand the designs of logical circuit from experimental units. The CPLD01 is supplied with the Maxplus II software suitable for the Altera chip.

Application Program Range:

  • Fundamental logic program
  • Digital circuit design program
  • Digital system design circuit program
  • Micro processor principle program
  • VLSI design program
  • OPLD/FPGA chip design program
  • 8051 single chip program
  • Thematic preparation Test Content

Combined logic design, simulation and test:

  • Basic logic
  • Deducter
  • Decoder
  • Combined logic
  • Comparator
  • Multiplexer
  • Adder
  • Compiler
  • Demultiplexer

Model: CPLD01

Supplier: BYTRONIC –

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