Fuel Cell Experimentation System consisting of PEM fuel cell stack, electrolyser, measuring transformer card, Fuel Cell Data Logging, hydrogen storage tank, electric load, experimentation set lamp, fan / solar module and magnetic vertical holding set.


  • Building a fuel cell stack up to ten cells
  • Producing and storing Hydrogen
  • Determining characteristic curves of a solar panel
  • Voltage-controlled automatic measurements
  • Determining characteristic curves of an electrolyser
  • Determining electrolyser efficiency
  • Learning about Faraday’s laws
  • Determining characteristic curves of a fuel cell
  • Determining fuel cell efficiency
  • Determining decomposition voltage of water
  • Long-term measurements at your own PC
  • Fixing the output at different operating points of the fuel cell stack
  • Monitoring single cell stack voltages at your PC
  • Power-controlled automatic measurements

Model: FCT-P02

Supplier: BYTRONIC – www.bytronic.net

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