Microwave Microstrip Trainer

Students are able train themselves by using experiments in microwave component design, manufacturing and measurements, applying Microstrip line theory and microwave device design theory. These experiments use standard devices. Specification and documents are supplied with a software program as reference for manufacturing and measurement.

In addition the 7750 microwave Microstrip trainer is possible in a system level. FSK modulation and demodulation can be used in a 2.4 GHz ISM band. The file transfer and character transmission is possible by connecting a computer and the microwave devices using a bit rate of up to 14,400 bps. These devices can be designed and manufactured by students in experiment.


  • Communication using the Microwave system
  • Measurement in a Microwave system
  • FSK modulation and demodulation in microwave band
  • File transfer and data transmission
  • Understanding the Microstrip line design theory
  • Understanding of the basic theory of microwave devices
  • Design and simulation of microwave devices
  • Experiments in manufacturing and measurement of microwave devices

Model: 7750

Supplier: BYTRONIC – www.bytronic.net

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