The MTT Microwave Technology Trainer is a precision made microwave systems, which use standard type wave-guide, all bands include X-band (8.2 to 12.4GHz) components to illustrate the essential elements of this field of study. The equipment consists of a selection of wave-guide components, The power supply for the microwave source, A detector, A meter, which monitors the detector output.
The MTT are completely self-contained and provide the means to allow students to carry out practical work. A comprehensive manual containing extensive Microwave Theory and progressive series of assignments is supplied with the MTT.

Experimental Topics:

  • Study of Characteristics of Reflex Klystron
  • Study of Characteristics of Gunn Diode
  • Frequency Guide and free space wavelength measurement
  • Study of E-Plane, H-Plane, Magic Tees, Bend
  • Study of Fixed/Variable Attenuator
  • Study of Isolator’s/Circulators
  • Study of Directional Couplers
  • Radiation Pattern and Gain Characteristics of Antennas
  • To measure the SWR and Reflection Coefficient
  • Dielectric Measurement of Solid/Liquids
  • Study of Doppler Effect
  • Impendence Measurements
  • Phase Shift Measurement
  • Measurement of Q of Cavity

Model: MTT

Supplier: BYTRONIC – www.bytronic.net

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