Process Control Technology

The PCT-100 allows the investigation of:

  • Temperature, Level, Pressure and Flow control
  • Control of discrete processes
  • PID control
  • Graphical Monitoring of real time processes.

The PCT-100 Process Control Technology unit is a bench top unit that represents a system typically found in the process industry. The PCT-100 consists of the Process Module, a Control Console with Power Supply and interactive control software.

The Control Console has a representation of the Process Module on the front and includes fault switches and test points. The Control Console contains connections to allow either PC (USB) and PLC control or a PID controller. Liquid contained in a Sump Tank is pumped around the system into a Process Tank where the Level, Temperature and Pressure can be controlled. In the process tank, level is measured using a 0-10v magnetostrictive sensor; pressure is measured using a Gage 0-5bar sensor; and PT1000 are used to measure temperature in both the sump and process tank. A turbine flow rate sensor is used to measure the flow rate in the system. A diverter valve can be used to direct the liquid through a forced air cooling process to cool the liquid in the system. Two proportional valves are used to control flow into and out of the process tank, a manually adjustable needle valve is used to add disturbances to the system and a pressure relief valve fitted for safety.

Data is collected and displayed on the five LCD’s fitted to the Process Module and through the software data can be monitored and saved or printed. The software has been developed to act as a PID teaching tool and provides Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition with trending features.

Exercises for the PCT-100 begin with setting up and execution of a process cycle, through to optimising the PID controllers by estimating P, PI and PID parameters using Ziegler Nichols process reaction curve or ultimate cycle methods. Formulation of problems and resulting solutions coupled with bench-marking are available through tutorials.

Model: PCT-100

Supplier: BYTRONIC –

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