Satellite Communication Trainer

The Satellite Communication Trainer 7272 provides an in-depth study of a basic Satellite Communication System. It consists of an Uplink Transmitter, Satellite Link and Downlink Receiver, which can be conveniently placed in the laboratory.

The Satellite Transponder receives signals from an Uplink Transmitter and retransmits at different frequencies to a Downlink Receiver. The Uplink and Downlink frequencies are selectable and carry three signals – Video, Audio, Voice, and Data simultaneously.


  • Simultaneous Communication of three different signals at each up-linking frequency
  • 2414-2468 MHz PLL microwave operation
  • Crystal Control Frequencies
  • Communicate Audio, Video, Digital data, PC data, Tone, Voice
  • Function generator waveforms
  • Communication of external broadband digital and analogue data and base-band signals
  • Choice of different transmitting and receiving frequencies
  • Built-in microphone and speaker for Voice and Audio link
  • Detachable Dish Antenna at each station
  • Facility to attach Analogue/Digital communication kits

Model: SCT7272

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