A complete Hydrogen system consisting of a solar module tutorial, reversible fuel cell RFC H2 / 02 / Air for production of Hydrogen and Oxygen, PEM electrolyser cell for Hydrogen and Oxygen production, two Hydrogen / Oxygen storage tanks for electrolyser and reversible systems, fan tutorial and car application as electric load, experimentation plate.


  • Producing and storing Hydrogen
  • Determining characteristic curves of a solar panel
  • Hydrogen/ Oxygen or Hydrogen / Air operation
  • Determining characteristic curves of an electrolyser
  • Determining electrolyser efficiency
  • Learning about Faraday’s Laws
  • Determining characteristic curves of fuel cells
  • Determining fuel cell efficiency
  • Determining decomposition voltage of water
  • Building a Hydrogen model car

Model: FCT-P03

Supplier: BYTRONIC –

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