Tooxy is a unique base receiving sensors with display. Even more than a measuring device, Tooxy is a complete solution with 11 sensors designed to meet teacher’s expectations.

Tooxy has been developed by teachers for teachers

Tooxy is a multi-purpose interface whose implementation is immediate.
Hence, it is a multimeter, but also a pH-meter, a thermometer, an oximeter.

Its sleek design makes it a very useful tool with its wire guide, the fact that it is stackable for a better storage.

Tooxy offers you a new freedom…In biology, one can easily choose to make a measurement with 1 or 2 sensors. With a unique base, you achieve all required measurements. Sensors with alphanumeric display also provide you a valuable assistance to settle a pH or oxygen probe.

Tooxy is also a revolutionary datalogger

It does not require the installation of any driver or software. The interface includes a simplified version of the DataStudio software.

The extreme simplicity of the software allows data acquisition and data handling without any student training.
Also, if you want to go further in Datalogging, you can download into your console, a full version of ScienceStudio (charged) to have access to all features of the software (spreadsheet, modeling, reporting, acquisition and video processing). The downloaded software is then usable on any computer (in a classroom, at home).

Tooxy is an equipment that ensuring simplicity, scalability and sustainability.


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