The Traffic Control Unit (TCU) represents a typical cross-roads junction controlled by two pairs of traffic lights together with a pedestrian crossing on one of the approaches. The unit features a large clear mimic of a junction with traffic lights and pedestrian crossing represented by LED’s in the appropriate colours. Four buttons are provided that represent the vehicle sensors built into the surface of the road and thus are used to simulate traffic flow. Further buttons are provided to control the pedestrian crossing and provide a ‘reset’ signal if required. The TCU allows the unit to be connected either to a PLC or PC.

Courseware includes:

  • Basic traffic light sequence
  • Dual traffic light sequence
  • Traffic counting
  • Green on-time weighted according to traffic flow
  • Pedestrian crossing
  • Complete system control
  • Adjusted Pedestrian priority

Model: TCU

Supplier: BYTRONIC –

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