Multi-Application Board

The Multi Application Board (MAB) provides the basic principles, and the more advanced user with the opportunity to investigate both open and closed loop control techniques. All electronic circuits are easily accessible in the form of a fully labelled printed circuit board and switched fault facilities are also provided which allow common faults to be applied to the system.                                                                       The various elements on the application board facilitate the thirteen Labworks provided in the supporting coursework. Other simple or complex experiments are possible by linking the range of devices and sensors on the MAB. The MAB primary components consist of a 12V dc motor which is used to drive a fan which cools a heater/resistor to a set temperature disturbance. Other elements are a Piezo buzzer, TTL monitor, a bank of logic switches, a logic probe, a strain gauge and amplifier, a bar-graph and seven segments display, switched faults and a potentiometer that can be directed as an analogue input.

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